Emmanuel Reagan Paulpeter

This blog is for anyone who is curious to explore ways to love God and serve people. For such curious people this blog endeavors to give a view of life a few that is theo-centric (God-centric). Key to this exploration is to be enchanted by a new vision of who God is and also develop a keen sense of situational awareness of the culture we live in. To see things rightly is essential to name things rightly. To name things rightly is essential to live life well.

This blog will be a conglomeration of my reflections which is a rather loose confluence of theology, spirituality and psychology. Reflections may take a range of expressions from thoughts on my daily scripture reading to discussing movies and books to being a critique of culture we live in. The section psycho-spirituality are a series of reflections of the overlap of psychology, theology and spirituality focused on giving people a greater awareness of the Spirit of Christ. The section Musing takes a theological view of culture and life in general. 

I am Emmanuel Reagan Paulpeter. I was born in India. When I was in my late teens, my mission in life was to “understand the meaning of life and explain it to people.” But then as God would have it I became an Engineer. I worked as a software Engineer for 10 years, mostly on the Project Management end, partly in India and partly in the US. As the Lord would have it, I knew that at some point, I would go into the ‘ministry of Word’. It happened last year, on October 31st 2014, I quit my job to go full-time to seminary. Right now, after having graduated magna cum laude M.Div., and being trained as a Spiritual Director at Houston Graduate School of Theology, I am working as a Church Planting Pioneer at First Presbyterian Church, Houston. My mission in life is to SEE God for who He is and help others SEE Him for who He is so as to live in participation in His mission. The means of my mission is to rest in the love of Christ and invite people into love of Christ. I love preaching, writing and pastoral ministry that translates to me planning to do a church plant in Houston. Open and excited to live into God’s plan and timetable.

Reach the writer at emmanuel@theoview.org


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