A lovely SJD weekend

My weekend started with Discovery classes at St. John the Divine at 9:00 am Saturday and went on till 4:00 pm. I loved the class. Rev. Doug started the discussion on how in history post modernism made it way in and has held sway by permeating into the collective consensus in epistemology (how to think and know the truth?). Then he went on to really explain the concept of Original sin not being the act of sin but being the impetus to be God-equal which was the cause for man’s sin. He talked about the centrality of the cross of the Christian gospel. He then explained how the book of common prayers was supposed to be used. I loved the whole class. I gained so much from it.

The rest of the evening I spent with an affectionate family from SJD about which I have written here (/emmanuelreagan/2008/11/children-love-of-life.html).

On Sunday, I went to the 8:45 am service. I was floored by the hymns we sang. The theme for this Sunday was ‘Christ the King’ and we sang the song ‘Let all mortal flesh keep silent’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR2YAOzmhiw&feature=related) . Which I believe is a 4th centuary chant each an every line of which causes the whole of ones being to have a foretaste of the King’s majesty. It is a truly timeless song. As the dismissal song, we sang ‘Crown Him with many crowns’. What a way to pay homage to the King of kings. They are truly timeless songs and I believe that this would be a song we would still be singing in heaven after having sung His glory for ten of thousands of years.

I went outside the Church and it was the most beautiful day I had seen. The temperature was just right. The light from the sun was diffused through the clouds to create an awesome ambience. There was the most gentle breeze and the brown leaves of the trees were on the green lawns. It couldn’t get more beautiful. I just couldn’t help myselt. I went and sat at the bench in the lawn to enjoy the beauty of the day. ‘Let all mortal flesh keep silence…’ was still playing in my head. I went to the last of the three Next classes. Then I attended the contemporary service. The song there too were awesome we sang ‘Amazing love how can it be’ and then ‘From the rivers to the ends of the Earth’.

I went back to the lawn to sit at the bench and read a book. As I was proceeding into the timeless world, I saw Kelly walking by and he invited me to go to lunch I went to lunch. After lunch, I was back at the lawn continuing with my book, back into my timeless world, until 4:30 pm. The sun disappeared the into the dark clouds and the temperature was beginning to drop and I rode my bike homeward.

As I look back now, I think it has been a perfect weekend. So full of Church, fellowship with God’s people, timeless solitude and the overarching love of God.

Author: Emmanuel R Paulpeter

I am a writer, spiritual director, life coach and a Church Planter who love all things pop culture, theology and spirituality.

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