Beautiful Little Things of Life

A couple of weeks back, on a Friday evening, when I was reading C.S.Lewis’ “Till We Have Faces”, it dawned on me that it was heavily raining outside. Prior to this, every time it rained in Houston, I would be in my office looking at the rain from the glass window wishing that I was walking in the rain rather than looking at it from the glass tower.

So here was my chance. I closed C.S.Lewis’ book. I knew he would forgive me for preferring to walk in the rain which is one of the most beautiful and legitimately natural pleasures ‘under the sun’. I changed over into my shorts and flip flops and walked into the rain. Walking in the rain is when I feel close to nature. Somewhere a few miles above earth out of thin air a water droplet gets formed and pulled by gravity, travels all the way down to earth to create a ‘cool’ sensation on my skin, reminding me that perhaps, even the manna that fell from the ‘heavens’ created a similar sensation.

As the rain became a drizzle, I decided to get into the pool. To float around in the pool when it is drizzling is an awesome experience. I lay in the water, floating about. As I was weightlessly bobbing up and down, face down, ears and eyes within the water, feeling the rain droplets on my back, hearing the slow rumble of the thunder from the high heavens and seeing the splash of lightening lit up the pool, it seemed that the beauty in this little experience of life was more profound and real than that of the Roman empire in all of its glory.

God has created so much of beauty in so many little things of life, if only man would ‘stop, look and relish’.

Ps: Well, looking back, I am glad I did not get electrocuted. J


Author: Emmanuel R Paulpeter

I am a writer, spiritual director, life coach and a Church Planter who love all things pop culture, theology and spirituality.

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