Teen Pregnancy Center – A Opportunity to be Drawn

God made life as a very beautiful experience so that He would be glorified through His creation. But because of the Fall, man possessing only a ‘dimmed’ image of His creator, lost his ability to appreciate the beauty of the created world as Originally intended. Fallen Man began to ‘twist’ the beautiful experiences God created into something that would serve his need to validate himself in his craving for selfish pleasure. One of the most beautiful experiences of life – procreation, has been immensely ‘twisted’ by fallen man. Consequently, the blessing of legitimate-sex, pregnancy and family has been twisted into a curse of lust, abortion and ‘radical’ individualism. Teen pregnancy is one of the effects of Fallen Man’s ‘twisting’ of the good that God created.
Thanks be to the Sovereign Lord who also created ‘Saving Grace’. Every time the Evil one tries to twist God’s good gift into something it was not meant to be, God who is Sovereign creates within that ‘twisted world’ an opportunity to ‘draw’ man to Himself and ‘untwist’ the effects of the Fall and turn the curse into a blessing. Even before Adam and Eve sinned, God created within the ‘twisted world’ the possibility of the Cross to ‘draw’ men to Himself. Every time man/woman finds himself/herself taking the brunt of the ‘twisted’ world, God creates within fallen context, a window of opportunity to ‘draw’ people to Himself. It is the mandate of the ‘born again’ Christian, to position himself/herself in that window of opportunity and be used as an instrument of God’s Sovereignty in untwisting the twisted and ‘drawing’ the fallen man to Himself. (This born again Christian should through the ‘Saving Grace of God’ endeavor to live life in its ‘untwisted’ Originally good form as seen through the ‘lens’ of the Scriptures.)
The Teen Pregnancy Help Centre creates that window of opportunity to those who feel Called by the Sovereign God to serve among those who are abortion minded. Last week, I completed a 12 hour training course at the ‘Teen Pregnancy Health Centre’. Even though I have always felt passionately for ‘pro life’ causes, I never did anything about it except may be attending the Lou Engle ‘pro life’ Fasting prayer which actually had  lasting impact on me. Then the issue moved to the back-burner, except whenever I came across something that has anything to do with pro-life message and I felt inspired to write about it.
The Sunday before last, when I was sitting at Church and someone announced that volunteers were needed at the ‘Teen Pregnancy Health Centre’, I felt impelled to volunteer even though I was apprehensive about how a man could help with something that seemed like woman’s business. Then in my interaction with the folks involved with the Centre, I realized that there was a lacuna for men peer counselors to counsel the gentlemen that walked-in with the damsel in distress. Being the only guy in the training room, I really appreciated every opportunity the trainers took to highlight the situations where a man can really add value to the mission at hand.
Our mission is really to help the people in crisis to see within their fallen situation, the beauty that God wants them to see and be ‘drawn’ to Him. Or mission is to reclaim to the glory of God that which the Evil one has ‘twisted’ to keep men blinded to the Truth of the Beauty of life God created. The Teen Pregnancy Centre is a place where the evil caused by men with ‘twisted’ perspectives of selfish-pleasure, is untwisted, healed and reclaimed for the glory of God.
The most beautiful experience that brings the great joy in life is a kid. But when a kid is formed in the womb of a woman in a context that is outside of God’s original intended framework for conception, the kid is often seen as burden because the (lady and in some cases the man as well) victim’s perception is colored by the Fallen circumstances. In such cases, the impetus is to just do away with the child.
The only way the child can be saved is by helping the victim see the child with the ‘unfallen’ eyes that the Saving Grace of God makes possible, in spite of the ‘twisted’ circumstance. The ‘Saving Grace’ of God ‘draws’ the victim close to the heart of God and strengthens him/her to break the cycle of victimization and untwist the twisted perspective and heal the wounds and help the Soul see the beauty He originally created in a child for man to cherish and enjoy.
During the training, of the many examples shared, one that I vividly remember illustrates this healing within of the fallen situation. A girl to be married in a few months gets raped by an evil stranger. The girl and the father come to the Pregnancy Centre ‘abortion minded’. The counselors advice against abortion and pray much. Miraculously, the girl’s fiancé agrees accept the kid as his own. The family decides not to abort. The kid is now 4 years old and much loved. Looking back, the child was a blessing to the family in more ways than one. Prior to this ordeal, the girl’s Father and Mother had been planning to separate because of irreconcilable differences, but this unexpected kid forced them to huddle together to support their daughter and this reignited their love for each other. A decision to stop the cycle of victimization and not abort was the greatest Blessing to that family.
This is one of the many stories of curse of the twisted world being turned to Blessings at the Teen Pregnancy Centre by the ‘Saving Grace’ of Jesus Christ. Much prayers and work is needed for someone to ‘stand in the gap’ and guide everyone who walks in the door into the window of opportunity to be ‘drawn’ to the beautiful God and be redeemed into the untwisted world He wants to Bless Fallen Men with. 

Author: Emmanuel R Paulpeter

I am a writer, spiritual director, life coach and a Church Planter who love all things pop culture, theology and spirituality.

One thought on “Teen Pregnancy Center – A Opportunity to be Drawn”

  1. This blog is an eye opener to most of the servants of GOd to focus on the most neglected and the most judged section of the society, which is direly in need of emotional healing and emotional reassurance which could be accomplished only through the saving grace of Christ. I think God is guiding you through a definite purpose. Let HIS will be done.


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