October Facebook Status Updates

Will Beethoven’s incomparable ‘Symphony No 9 in D minor’ outlast Lady Gaga’s say ‘Paparazzi’? Or will people 2 centuries into future, make a Beethoven of Lady Gaga?

For knowledge to be received, you got to make two assumptions 1) You exist 2) The Creator of Knowledge exists. Without these assumptions, there can be no study of knowledge.

Oh, Cold Houston! I don’t like you! You make it difficult for me to ride my motorcycle. I don’t like driving my car. 😦

I am sure Heaven will have have ‘golden sunsets’… the rays of the orange sun painting a golden lining round the glowing mass of floating moisture.

Well, actually the point of all questions that arise in the course of human existence is whether we want to be grateful or we want to grumble.

Isn’t it an irony that the I-pod, I-phone, I-pad the hallmarks of modern materialism should be envisioned by a Zen Buddhist.

Well, time is precious. Time is where the essence of being is reckoned. In that sense ‘time’ limits our experience of the essence of our being. Heaven being truly ‘timeless’ is where we’ll truly get to experience the essence of our being.

Well, the nights that are truly timeless… when I am trying to find an answer to a question I can’t quite put in words. I wish this was a weekend night when I could and go have a 2:00 AM Starbucks coffee and think through the question, but alas! this isn’t. Well, life is good! It is good to ‘have time’ to think. Not many have this luxury. Thanks be to God!

The man that has found the one thing that truly fills him with perpetual joy, eternally, has found himself. Until he finds it he is still ‘looking for himself’

I would rather appear foolish than be a fool.

With the I-phone 4G having the AI enabled Personal Assistant ‘Siri’, you’ll probably be talking more to the phone than using phone to talk to someone else. After all, we are evolving away from the long-talking Ents of the Lord of the Rings… Of course, it is all about efficiency!!!

Well, OWS would do better if they could articulate their policy positions without using the word ‘greed’, after all you can’t expect to jail the entire human race, can you?

Oh, I don’t like cold weather 😦 I miss the warm sunny hot Houston already!

True freedom is not just freedom from external tyranny, it is freedom from self. To be caught up in the cob web of the self is a subtle form of tyranny that is too ubiquitous to even be noticed, much less diagnosed let alone being mitigated.

Just finished filing my 2010 tax returns. Thanks to TaxAct Online! It is indeed exciting to pull things off close to the deadlines! It makes you feel free and strong. 🙂

What would life be without words… after all, didn’t someone say words are the vehicle for meaning… If none said, I just did. I think it probably was C.S.Lewis.

Is this how people feel when they come down from a mountain top experience… overflowing with words that probably makes sense to none… Oh, well!

Actually, life is just as good even without facebook. Facebook isn’t even icing on the cake. Facebook is just a lens through which you get to see the icing on the cake… There are many lenses, BTW. 🙂

I think I have decided to come out of my facebook hibernation. 🙂

Oh, if only emotions can be remembered like words… life would be a lot more enriching… Especially the emotions associated with pain and failure for they are the ones that bring a DEPTH to life besides making the emotions of joy and success, meaningful.

‎A man who isn’t a tad bit ‘mad’ enough to risk some can’t be a man, period.

‘Fight Club’ is a movie that is about so many things that I am at loss for words to describe it. It is the anti-thesis to the ultra-modern platitudes that are so ubiquitous and are seldom noticed anymore, the key platitude being, “Hey, you are special!”

Why am I not infatuated with facebook anymore? I never thought this day would come.

Anything with just a 7 inch screen cannot compete with I-pad, ‘Kindle Fire’ included.

Anything with just a 7 inch screen cannot compete with I-pad, ‘Kindle Fire’ included.

Author: Emmanuel R Paulpeter

I am a writer, spiritual director, life coach and a Church Planter who love all things pop culture, theology and spirituality.

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