Love is Stronger Than Death

Disclaimer: Though I am clumsy with poetry, I felt impelled to write one about dear Chilo. Chilo is a character in ‘Quo Vadis’ which is one of the best books I have read. ( . If you plan to read the book, you may not want to read the poem below… Chilo I hated so and then loved all the more… not so much because Chilo turns good, but because love is stronger than death.

At last, Old, weak and defenceless
On the tree hung dear Chilo
Whose trade was with words
Wit, his Greek weapon.

Since birth, a vile soul within a wretched  being
Forsaken, hungry and ugly
Cunning had sought life.
Vengeful had sought glory.

Venomous worm, made his way
Through the blood of the Martyred
Christians preyed upon by Caesar’s Beasts
Betrayed innocent blood to claim his destiny.

A destiny of comfort, honor and glory
Beside the Caesar, depraved Augustinains alongside
Orgy unending, void of Love and Truth
In the shadow of the Cross

The smoke lifted… joyless and wretched
Beheld he the scary Cross… forgiving him.
Love and sorrow mingled flowed…
Thus was chosen the wise, wretched Greek.

Conquered by love to hang upon the tree. Tongue-less
To proclaim to the Augustinains, the Christian Truth.
Caesar or Christ? Comfort or Cross? Glory or Love?
Chilo chose Christ! Chilo chose Cross! Chilo chose Love!

Terrified Augustinians tongue-tied, blinded by Truth
The Christian Truth the Greek had finally divined…
The loving King had destroyed Death! Death is dead!
And so Christian Love is stronger than Death!

Author: Emmanuel R Paulpeter

I am a writer, spiritual director, life coach and a Church Planter who love all things pop culture, theology and spirituality.

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