I was speaking with a friend over coffee on Saturday. We were talking about books and movies and politics as I do with most of my friends. But then the conversation shifted to music and musicals and operas. I was out of depth. I felt excited and challenged in a good way though, because suddenly I had something new I wanted to learn and in the following few days, I did learn some fascinating facts about music… 🙂 

Going back, On Saturday, I came home and as I was journaling, I was wondering why I hadn’t really learned to pummel the depths of music. I just ‘passively’ listen to everyone from ‘Black Eye Peas’ to BoneyM to Beethoven to Bach. I remember when I was a kid my mother did everything she could do to get me to have piano lessons. She even arranged for a tutor to come home and teach me. My naive rationale to not wanting to learn the music lessons was, “I have a mind that is keener than my ear. So it makes sense for me to invest in things that have to do with my thinking. I think learning music would take time away from my being able to accomplish something great with this mind of mine.” 
I preferred to be the master of one trade instead of being the jack of a bunch. I wanted to master all knowledge. My goal was to know everything about everything in life. Now, looking back, it just makes me smile at my own folly. I can’t quite see that I accomplished anything of what I wanted to with my supposedly ‘keen mind’. I had over-analyzed and misunderstood the benefits of learning music. Or maybe I was too lazy to invest in something that did not come naturally to me. Or maybe I was just too obsessed with a goal of wanting to know everything about everything. I missed an opportunity.
Looking back, I see my life is filled with ‘hits’ and ‘misses’. More misses than hits. 😛 There are things I should have done which I have left undone. There are things which I oughtn’t have done which I have done. But at the end of the day, one thing I know is this. The marking on my tombstone will read ‘Rests in Peace’. For, no matter what I did or did not do, or will do or won’t do, I know that I’ll ultimately be ‘content’ in the Lord. 
After all, this life is NOT about ME. All of life’s a stage that belongs to the Lord. Men and Women play their parts to the heavenly audience that applaud the grandeur of the Master Director. It is not so much about what I accomplish in life (or my ‘hits’ and ‘misses’). Life is really about me playing my part in the ‘Story of the Lord’, which at the worldly level is the story of His ‘covenant community’. Whatever my part, whether it be to be the CEO or the Cobbler, it shall all be done for the glory of the Lord the Master Director.
In life, we struggle in the ‘tension’ between ambition and moderation, taking initiative and doing what is right. We need to remember what our last line on the Stage would be – ‘Rests In Peace’. We’ll be supremely satisfied to see the Lord ultimately glorified on the Stage, the Cosmos. The Master Director will have brilliantly turned our ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ into a Cosmic Story-line that ultimate glorifies of His Name. We are PROMISED in the Scriptures that the Lord Himself shall be our REWARD. His glory would be so beautiful that we’ll be lost in adoration. We would be totally satisfied. We would ‘Rest in Peace’ with no regrets for having missed what we thought we didn’t want to miss. 

When we pray and read the Bible, we have he foretaste of this PROMISED REWARD. We need to press hard towards the goal, looking forward at the PROMISED Reward as we have our little foretastes of it in the minor theophanies we experience in this life. My problem of not knowing everything about everything couldn’t have had a better solution. 

Author: Emmanuel R Paulpeter

I am a writer, spiritual director, life coach and a Church Planter who love all things pop culture, theology and spirituality.

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  1. "The MasterDirector will have brilliantly turned our‘hits’ and ‘misses’ into a Cosmic Story-line that ultimate glorifies of His Name.We are PROMISED in the Scriptures that the Lord Himself shall be our REWARD.His glory would be so beautiful thatwe’ll be lost in adoration. We would betotally satisfied. We would ‘Rest inPeace’ with no regrets for havingmissed what we thought we didn't want to miss."VERY TRUE!


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