Why People Love Horses, But Not Christians?

I love horses. Seldom does a beast embody such a co-mingling of danger and beauty. In fact, the reason why I love motorcycles is because the motorcycle is the closest modern man can get to the horse.  

I have never been trained in riding horses, but every time I get a chance to ride one, I never let is pass. The last time I rode a horse, I fell off him as we were racing down a gravel-laden mountain trail. I nudged the horse to speed-up, but he got nudged a little too much. I did a mistake and the right stirrup came off. I fell and slid about 15 feet on the gravel ground . I had to be carried off to the hospital. It was the pure grace of God that none of my bones were broken.

Last weekend, when I was at Rocky Mountains Colorado, I got another chance to ride a horse. I couldn’t resist the tug. But deep within, I was pretty scared. I didn’t want to risk another accident. On the other hand, it was a challenge I couldn’t resist.  My yearning for the dangerous power and beauty of the horse got the better of me. My horse was called ‘Big Block’, for a good reason. Eager to befriend him, I tried to talk to ‘Big Block’. I patted him. I used cuddly language. But Big Block didn’t give a damn about me. He didn’t even look at me. ‘Memories’ of the old accident where wrenching me.

We started on our trails. Big Block was disobedient. He was the most unruly of all the other horses on the trail. I was very cautious and made certain that I was safe on the saddle till the end. When I safely got to the end, I asked a cowboy guide who came with us, “Why is Big Block sort of unruly?” He replied, “Oh, he is just trying to test your will. He is seeing how much he can push you. You have to be FIRM with him, then he’ll obey.” Basically, I had to exercise my ‘dominion’ over him, which I didn’t because I was afraid of spooking him into dumping me.

Looking back, the problem with my less fulfilling horse-back riding was not Big Block. It was I – I had too small a goal. My goal in riding Big Block was to make sure that I was safe. I never intended to exercise ‘dominion’ over him as I should have. I was making sure I wouldn’t fail. I was caught in my own prison of ‘small goals’. I had allowed ‘memories’ of my old mistakes and hurt to prevent me from risking bigger goals and enjoying Big Block to the fullest.

God created man to exercise ‘dominion’ over creation. But man messed it up in the Garden. Christ ‘invaded’ the messed up world and gave us 
1) A new script of freedom 
2) A new authority to exercise dominion 
3) A new a partnership with Him. 

Unfortunately, we still live in the ‘memories’ of the old man who messed things up. Being fearful, we shoot for the lowest common denominator – avoid sin. The highest goal of most good Christians is the lowest common denominator – live a life without sin.

Christians need to move out of their ‘small goal’ prison and exercise ‘dominion’ over the world. We need to start ethical corporations, build compassionate hospitals, revive the crumbling education systems, write good novels, paint sublime pictures, compose great music, show Hollywood how good movies are to be made – build the Kingdom of Heaven. Matt 11:12 – the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.

Being sophisticated, we the modern Christians, do not wish to be violent. We want to be ‘nice’ people. We cautiously shoot for a ‘small goal’ – of avoiding all sin by withdrawing into a Christian Ghetto. Our guiding principles are 
1) Safely saddle the Christian bandwagon that is on it way to heaven 
2) Don’t do ANYTHIG that will risk falling off 
3) Don’t do ANYTHING that is dangerous 
4) Just stay safe until you get to heaven 

This is precisely why bland modern Christians, in comparison with the pre-modern kingdom-conquering counterparts, aren’t dangerous or beautiful. Of course, the horses are better loved!

Author: Emmanuel R Paulpeter

I am a writer, spiritual director, life coach and a Church Planter who love all things pop culture, theology and spirituality.

2 thoughts on “Why People Love Horses, But Not Christians?”

  1. Good comparison. True we need to be daring in our attempts of faith like George Muller, William Carey, John Wesley … Who transformed societies with the love of Christ.


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